Recipe Template

Hey everybody, just a quick note about formatting the recipes. For the sake of consistency and ease of use, could you please copy the following set of HTML code and paste it into whatever application you are using to edit your recipes. I would recommend avoiding MS Word, as some of the character encoding tends to conflict with HTML text formatting. Any standard Text Editor, such as Notepad (PC) or TextEdit (Mac) are fine.

From there, just edit the ingredients and steps, but don’t edit anything inside the <> brackets. Once you are finished, copy your text and login to WordPress. Go to the “Posts” item in the left column and click on the “HTML” tab at the top right of the content area. Paste it in, and you’re done.

For photos, use the “Upload/Insert” function above the content area. You will either upload a new photo(s) from your computer, or you can click on the “Media Library” link and choose from all of the photos that have been uploaded so far.

<li>thing one</li>
<li>thing two</li>
<li>do something</li>
<li>do something else</li>